Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nature's Rainbow...

Today the girls and I planted the pretty pansies that Cretta got for me when she was here. She thought I needed a little "happy" and pansies are definitely happy with their bright colors and their little "faces". :) (Thank you again Cretta for our pots of "happy"!)

I like happy...I need happy. Happy is good!
The springtime is such a happy time as everything is new again. The brown grass turns a brilliant green, bare branches sport bits of vibrant green that are more abundant each day. I think that green is nature's favorite color. But then there are the forsythias that awake seemingly overnight with their bright yellow blooms, the Dogwoods that show their snowy white blossoms, the Red Buds dressed in pink! The fruit trees, the magnolia's and more....Nature's rainbow awaits any eyes that will behold.


Patty said...

I love springtime! I love pansies! And I love you! :)

Coopers said...

Your flowers are beautiful, glad they brought smiles to you!