Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Does anyone remember the candy Chuckles from their childhood? I was so excited to see Chuckles in a candy machine in the basement of the cancer center near where Tim gets his rad treatments. I didn't know they even made them anymore! Of course I had to buy a few to stir my childhood memories and to remind Tim and I that we need to have a few "chuckles" in our day as things get harder and harder for him. His reply to me was, "Chuckles are NOT coming my way!" That was a throw back to the "Lucky is coming your way" fortune in his cookie he had at the Chinese restaurant what seems like many moons ago. :)

Little did Tim know that he DID have some "chuckles" in him.... he's full of surprises....

Today we had a follow up appointment (from when his lymph nodes were taken out) with the Fabulous Dr. O. The appointments with him make me long to have HIM as Tim's doctor through this whole ordeal. But we are down to 8 more dates with the rad machine before treatment is called complete and then we want to have the Fabulous Dr. O overseeing Tim. :)

Dr. O asked some questions about the peg (a.k.a. feeding tube) that Tim had put in. Then the following dialog took place:

Dr. O: "Can I see your peg?"
Tim: (hesitantly) "Well....okay, we're friends."
Dr. O: "Well, that IS a handsome peg!"
Tim: "I've had a lot of people tell me that!" :)

I don't know about you but I had a good chuckle over that conversation!!! :)

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Coopers said...

ok I'm just now getting to read these blogs. That is funny, I can see Dr. O. and Tim having this silly conversation! I love it!