Monday, March 30, 2009

Cat Mail...

When Tim got out of the hospital a few weeks ago he was stuck upstairs in our bedroom in his hospital bed attached to his feeding pump. It's a continuous feed pump so it's a hassle to detach from it.

One day we were all downstairs and Tim was upstairs when suddenly our cat, Mystic, appeared in the downstairs hallway. My sister, Cretta, was here then and she called out,

"Look at the cat! Look at the cat!"

We all looked and then took a closer look...... Mystic had something on her back....a paper....taped to her back....with writing on it that read:

"Can my Daddy have his computer please?"

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! We all laughed so hard over seeing that note taped to the cat! We went upstairs to see him (and give him his computer, of course!) and we asked how he did that. He had all the supplies he needed -- pen and paper (to write notes with), tape (he uses for his feeding tube) and the cat, who likes to hang out with Tim when he is not feeling well. He explained (typing on his computer) that he rolled his IV pole as far out the door as he could then he stretched as far as his feeding tube would let him down that upstairs hall then he "lovingly tossed the cat down the stairs"!!! We all did get quite a laugh out of Tim's "cat mail'!! :)


Sierra said...

That is so hilarious!

Sierra said...

Loretta- Blaine wanted me to let you know that he didn't keep the meat, but he tenderized it really well for whoever wants it!

Marissa said...

How fun!!!