Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gotta Love First Graders.....and Jacob

For the past 5 weeks or so I have been doing a long term sub job for an instructional assistant that has been out with health issues.  I work with first grade classes and have really enjoyed my time in the classroom.  The things that kids say never fail to bring a smile. 

Like the day one boy announced, "You're not like the other subs. You know what you're doing and the other ones don't!"  (Okay, that made me feel good because everyone knows you can't fool a first grader!)

Today made me laugh out loud when a little girl came to show the teacher a story she was working on about how to grow fruit. 

She thrust the paper in front of the teacher to proudly show off her writing.  Peering over the teacher's shoulder I read the title:

"How to Grope Fruit" 


I so wished I had my camera for a visual on that one!  I may pack my camera tomorrow.    

*This just in: Jacob has passed all his classes! I am out $50 this year :) 
(School can't end soon enough for those poor teachers. Bless them.)


Diane said...

You know, Loretta, if Jacob passed all his classes, that might just be $50 well spent, so change that :( to a :) !!!

Loretta Valenta said...

LOL! You are right Diane! We are just thrilled he made it. One more year to go with that boy. I hope I live to tell about it! ;)