Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jacob's Excellent Adventure....

Jacob is off on a most excellent summer adventure -- a month long stint on the Hill Cumorah Work Crew in New York with 25 other boys!  I am excited that there is a blog being kept for the duration of the time spent there so it will be fun to get a peek into a little of what Jacob is up to over the next month and maybe get to see pictures of him if we are lucky! 

(I've provided some links, just click to view)

When is the Hill Cumorah Pageant?  July 8,9, 12-16
You can also access it from the side bar on my blog under the title of
Jacob's Excellent Adventure on the Hill Cumorah Work Crew.:)

Where is Jacob in these pictures?  
If you look close all these boys are wet from a game of kickball in the rain!

(Jacob is on the far right, in front)

And what is Jacob working on? 

Assembling the stage. It's a huge job! 
Just wait until you see the end product! :)
Happy building, boys!

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