Tuesday, June 21, 2011

26 Years And Counting....

Yesterday Tim and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary. 
 I don't know where the time has gone but somehow it has flown by. 
In our years together we have done a lot of things.  But among our biggest and best accomplishments are that we raised 6 great kids and have given them a forever family.
    Of the temples we have been to this is my favorite, 
    the Washington D.C. Temple,
    because it is where we were married. That beautiful June day in 1985 was the beginning of our forever story.

And I love that I still think of us just like this.  The years may show on our faces but our hearts are unchanged. They are as full of love, hope and looking toward the future as the day we were married. 

Happy Anniversary, Tim.  I love you.  Here's to another 26.  :) 


Patty said...

Happy Anniversary with many, many more years to come!

Debbi said...

Happy Belated Anniversary Loretta and Tim. Love your wedding picture and I have seen you two look at each other the same since. Wishing you two many many more years!!
Love you guys!!!!

Diane said...

Hope you had a good anniversary! I love your wedding picture! YOu're more than halfway to your 50th!!!

i2amAkentuckian said...

Today is now JULY 20th, which according to MY journal was the date of our wedding!! It's a good thing I keep a record of important dates. I love you! Happy 'other' anniversary!!!