Monday, June 27, 2011

Gee Ray, What's Up With the Squirrel?

Some weeks ago we had a visit from the some wonderful friends that we had not seen in a long time.  They were on their way back home to South Carolina and stopped in to see us. The visit was long over due and much too short but we enjoyed the day. Just as our visit was long over due, so is this blog post! (I will spare you the details but suffice it to say that I have been a little under the weather as I battled what I thought was a really bad cold (turns out they think I have allergy induced asthma) and a bad ear infection. I've been to 3 doctors and am currently on a third antibiotic in about 6 weeks.)  
I am feeling better now.  And just as I am feeling better I get this message on Facebook from Kim.

"Dear Loretta, The only reason we came to visit was to become famous on your 'my little life'. We are very disappointed that we did not make the cut. Please visit soon, and we will work diligently to provide you with something to write about. Sincerely, The Hartrum Family. PS, your camera holds one of only 5 pictures of the Hartrum Family in existence. If possible, please post and tag me, or email. Thanks"
I feel bad making Kim think she didn't make the cut. I feel even worse for snatching her dream of being famous.  So it is here I post rare pictures of Kim and her family.  We love you guys and so look forward to seeing you again.  Let's not wait so long to see each other again!
Ray (is that a squirrel on your head??) and Kim (nice facial hair!) with their kids Shelby, Katelyn (like mother like daughters?) and Andrew (watch out for the south end of that bird!)
and Gail (Kim's mother) (now we know where Kim gets it from!)

                       We really meant to call that exterminator before the Hartrum's visit....oops!

Although they were a month late, they insisted on wearig their Derby hats.... :)

With really good friends you can go long periods of time without seeing
them but when you do reconnect it's like no time has passed at all. 
The Hartrum's and the Schlemmer's are those kind of friends. 
We love you!

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