Wednesday, December 8, 2010

O December!

Oh I do love December!  Of course I think I also said that about September. And October.  And November. But I do love the cold and the days that are filled with hopes for snow and December brings that ever closer.

How fitting that on December 1st it was cold here in Kentucky and it was spitting snow!  I knew it wouldn't cover the brown grass that lays matted till spring let alone stay, but, it was thrilling to see white flakes floating in the air! Then days later more fluffy white trailed form the sky and this time it came to stay a little longer.  And that really made me smile!

Decembers have become somewhat of a milestone in our family.  It was two years ago this December that Tim was diagnosed with throat cancer.  Often it is so hard for us to believe that two years have passed since that devastating day the doctor confirmed our worst fears.  That December was a blurr.  Dealing with the shock of the news, trying to be engaged in Christmas preparations all the while trying to figure out how to keep life "normal" for our family. It seemed an impossible feat but somehow, with means beyond our own, we were able to do what we needed to do. We were aided by angels, seen and unseen, to get through those very dark days.

Just last week Tim had another CT scan (it's been 6 months since his last one) and then this week he saw Dr. Arnold, his oncologist.  She was happy to give us the report that all is well!  She thought Tim looked great (aside from him being a little skinny -- something I am pretty sure we knew already) :)  Tim often comments on how he wished that he had all these people around him telling him how great looked back when he was in high school!  hahahaha!  

We talked to Dr. Arnold about tests -- how far in between, what kinds, which of all of the "ologoists" to see and when.  After the questions Dr. Arnold said to Tim, "You want me to tell you that you don't have to come back, don't you?" 

It wasn't really a question but a statement.  She was right.  When she said that to Tim I choked back tears and avoided eye contact with her so I didn't cry right then and there.  Dr. Arnold knew what Tim's true desire was but the reality is that he will continue to go back, although less frequently. That is progress and something that we are really happy about.

So December brings a remembrance of that dreaded diagnosis but December also reminds us just how far we have come.  And we know in the journey we were not alone.  We weren't alone then and we are not alone now. 

O December.....


Dotti said...

What a tribute to 'your' Decembers. May the rest of them be as good as this one. You will keep the faith I am sure of this.

Dotti said...

An addendum to the last, please keep the snow in KY!

Patty said...

So glad this December brings good tidings! And may all the coming Decembers do the same!

Debbi said...

What a fitting time for such glorious news.........December of all months would be the best time. May you all have nothing but wonderful news at each matter how many visits there are to be!!! Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year to you all.
P.S. I agree with Dotti.......please keep all of that white stuff down that we have none thus far. ;)

Debbi said...

P.S.S. I love your and Bill both have such an eye for photography.