Monday, December 20, 2010

Gingerbread House 2010

It was that time of year again...time to make our annual gingerbread house! We do cheat and begin with a pre-made house.  Only a few years ago the kit came with pieces of the house and you had to begin by using the frosting glue to put it together but now the kit comes with a fully put together, naked house to begin decorating.  That is all fine and good except this time our house was broken in 3 pieces when we took it out of the box!  After a little "gluing" together it was good to go and we began creating. We didn't even need a drill this year to hold it all together! :)   

We made our family (the ones living at home) -- Mom, Dad, Jacob (complete with headphones and an iPod!), Abigail, Annah and Ella, our dog. We didn't do the two cats much to Jacob's dismay.

After making the gingerbread house the kids each made a creation all their own. Jacob made a house that he kept together with a C-clamp till it dried enough to stay on it's own! In the end the house was shaped like a coffin with two Gothic looking people standing outside that were meant to be missionaries! :) 

Abigail made a maze that was inspired by our October trip to a corn maze!  I loved her Christmas tree with the angel on top!

Annah made a two story house complete with bench and a side pool!  Her roof did have to be reinforced with tongue depressors but the building was saved from collapse!
It just doesn't feel like Christmas until we've been creative AND totally trashed the kitchen! :)


Ronnie said...

anyone remember the MASSIVE salt lake temple of years ago? That being the reason that our ward stopped having gingerbread house building contests. :)

Montereymom said...

Absolutely wonderful, what memories you are making with the kids and starting a tradition they will carry on to their families. Your creations, all of them are delightful and show so much diversity...good going, I would hate to be a judge and have to give first place.

Patty said...

I love Ella! So creative and adorable. We made a "much simpler" gingerbread village around the first of December, and everyone gobbled it down. Mmmm gingerbread is so good. We need to make another one!