Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kentucky Ice

Last week it was snowy and icy in Kentucky. 
First came the snow and then came the ice. I think all the neighbors could hear the jubilant cheers from inside our house as school was cancelled four out of the five days last week! 
I cheer too -- I love snow days!
This week begins the kid's "official" Christmas vacation from school.  Their two weeks off has now become three with a little help from Mother Nature! Even winter haters have to admit it is a beautiful season to behold!
What's not to love about the transformation from brown to white and from matte finish to glossy?  
Welcome winter!


Patty said...

Very Cool

Tracy said...

We always seem to miss out on the beatiful ice. I'm feeling grateful we do but I would love for my kids to see how pretty it is. I hope you enjoyed your snow days as much as we have. Have a Merry Christmas!