Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Tears

It has been a bitter sweet Christmas.  Sweet because Tim and Lisa came from Arizona for 9 days and the whole family was together to be able to call Jordan in Brazil on Christmas morning, but bitter because on Christmas Eve Day Tim's father passed away after his short battle with lung cancer -- diagnosed in August and gone in December. 

Early Thursday morning Tim and I will be on our way to Minnesota for his funeral on Friday.  Tim and Lisa graciously offered to stay with the kids at home and that will make our travel time shorter and less expensive.  Because we won't be home to get Tim and Lisa to the airport in Louisville for their flight home on Saturday some great friends offered to get them there for us -- thank you Bunn Family! We so appreciate your kindness in doing this for us.

 A visit to Minnesota in August 2010
Tim, Jeff, Dad Don, Peggy and Ron
(*missing from this picture is Pam who could not be there when this was taken)

This was the last picture I took of Tim's dad as we were pulling out of the driveway of their home headed back to Kentucky. What a sweet moment to have captured. He will be missed.

When we are back home and things have settled down I will update the blog on our Christmas happenings. 


Patty said...

May your travels be safe and your journey be easy. Please tell Tim we are sorry for his loss.

Don and Robin Cooper said...

Prayers to your special family. Be safe and know I'm thinking of you and Tim.