Thursday, December 23, 2010

Life is too short for matching socks

A package came in the mail last week. It was from my sister. For a split second the thought crossed my mind that we should just put it under the tree and open it on Christmas morning. But that thought went as quickly as it came and we opened the package.

Packages from Cretta, always are exciting.  She has an knack for gift giving whether it's things she makes herself or the things that she has bought. This year was no exception.

This is what she sent to us......

We each got a pair of wonderfully, colorful socks called Solmates. They are knitted in the USA at a family owned knitting mill, hand finished and then "mismatched with care." The woman who owns Solmates Socks says, "Life is too short for matching socks."  :)  I agree!  I LOVE my socks! 

Even Jacob tried his on!  He's good sport!

And if our wonderful socks weren't enough, she also sent this...
This is more true than I can express.  She has been there through the downpour and she always went with us for a walk in the rain. 
Thanks Cretta :) Our feet and our hearts are happy.

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Don and Robin Cooper said...

I love her gifts-they are so creative!