Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Third Eye is Missing...

This picture that Abigail took of herself, bad lighting and all, is how I feel...

Last weekend I took some pictures -- only a couple of them before tragedy struck.

I broke my camera.

I am heartbroken not to be able to snap images that beckon me to capture them. It's a fresh sting each time I think I need to get my camera and then I recall that my beloved camera was sent away from home.

It all happened so quickly. I had taken a few pictures of Tim and then it happened....I walked into a blow-up beach ball in the living room. I was annoyed that it was in the way so I picked it up and decided to gently toss it into the next room so it was out of my way while I got a few more pictures. That was my mistake. Beach balls toss gently...cameras do not.

You see, normally I always have the wrist strap on the camera ON my wrist so if I should lose my grip, my camera is safe. I wasn't wearing the wrist strap and when I tossed the beach ball.....well, the camera went with it!

I was stunned by the thud of the camera hitting the floor...and not a carpeted floor. In my shock I just stood there, looking in disbelief, at what my carelessness had done. Then I cried.

I had hoped beyond hope that my camera survived the crashed, but it didn't. It was hurt and bad. It's now at the camera hospital in intensive care. They expect it will be there for 2 weeks and there is no visitation.

I don't know if I can make it without my third eye.


Sierra said...

That stinks! I hope you get it back soon.

Patty said...

We will all be missing it these two weeks. We love your pictures!