Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Family Techno Night...

Tim and I have recently discovered that our family is perhaps more tied to modern technology than we care to admit.

It began on Monday when for Family Night we sat on the couch huddled around Tim's laptop to view several YouTube videos. Not that we were just watching mindless stuff. Tim had picked out several videos that related to our country's upcoming celebration of its birth.

We watched a video of the Chicago Cubs baseball player, Rick Monday, who on April 26, 1976, swiftly ran onto the field to scoop up a flag that two guys were trying to burn. When he realized what they were doing he took off running and snatched the flag before they could get their lit match to it. The fans responded with standing to sing God Bless America. This event was highlighted in the top 100 moments in baseball history! Rick Monday has been asked if he's upset to have spent 19 seasons in the major leagues and what he's known for is the guy who ran out and saved the flag. His heroic response was that if that is what he is known for that is not a bad thing!

Another video we watched was of Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance that was first aired January 14, 1969 on the Red Skelton Show. It is a most moving performance as he dissects the Pledge of Allegiance line by line sharing the meaning of each.

It is a beautiful thing when you can go to YouTube to pull together a lesson for Family Night!

Then last night it was time for family prayer. Everyone was getting tired and all of us were downstairs, except Jordan. No one was jumping at the chance to go upstairs and get him. We all just looked at each other with that familiar "Don't look at me!" attitude! Then Tim reached for his cell phone, flipped it open and dialed. "Jordan, we're wanting to have family prayer. Can you come down and join us?"

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yup, perhaps just a little too dependent on modern technology!


Coopers said...

LOVE IT! Now I must go watch those videos too! Technology is a good thing as long as it is used wisely! Hope your family enjoys the 4th of July celebration. I'm wondering if we will go to the Legends game-the fireworks are great...or go to Lake Reba and watch EXCILE and some other bands and then see the fireworks there...either way, it will be nice having Don home!

Patty said...

Ha ha, yeah we have been known to call or text someone down the hall for various things. Are we lazy or what?