Monday, July 6, 2009

My Old Third Eye Makes a Come Back...

With my third eye missing I had to revert back to my old third eye....our chunky, 10 year old digital camera that I used before my more modernized third eye. I am glad that I kept it even though it acts up once in a while, weighs as much as a brick and is just about as big as one! (I am not kidding!)

Yesterday we made a trip to Monticello, Kentucky which is about 85 miles to the south of us. A few years ago our family traveled there every week to attend church in the Monticello Branch. We made that trip for over a year. We miss going there and seeing the people that we came to know and love during our time there so occasionally we make a Sunday trip see everyone again and yesterday that is what we did.
As we packed for the trip (lunch for the girls and I and Tim's "lunch supplies") I also grabbed my "old third eye" to come along for the ride. You know, one just never knows when the urge will strike to stop the car and jump out to take a picture so you should be prepared! Let me just say that I was happy that I took "Mr. Chunky third eye" with us........ No one would have believed what we saw since WE couldn't believe what we saw!


Okay...would you ever have believed me if I told you that we saw a UFO with an alien on the top???? Lucky for me my old third eye was ready and waiting! :)


the Strong's said...

I have often wondered what that UFO is all about in someones yard. I have always figured it just adds to the character of Wayne County. It was good to see you guys yesterday. I don't think I had a chance to even say Hi to you, but I very much enjoyed having your girls in primary. They are welcome anytime. I wish all our visitors could be so great!!!

Kauti Nicholls said...

glad you had your camera for that one--how funny!