Thursday, July 2, 2009

Growing Like Weeds...

There are times when I look at our two girls, just like I have every other day, and yet I see them differently. Suddenly, without warning, they look older, their conversations between them sound remotely like maturing young ladies, teenagers in waiting.

I love it that they like to be around each other and play together. They giggle and scheme, write stories, and make puppets. They create things out of paper (the paper snow cones were a favorite of mine!) and cardboard boxes and pretend. They make maps of what their houses will one day look like; they play together on the trampoline, in the sprinklers and at the pool. It makes me happy that they like one another well enough to miss the other when they are gone.

Of course they have their moments as all sisters do, but I am so thankful that they get along so well and that they enjoy a friendship that binds them beyond sisters.

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Patty said...

My sister and I were like that. It is great memories for me. And the things they do, making stuff and drawing their houses they will live in, all that is so girly and fun! And my boys don't understand the things I liked to do then, or now! But, I "get" your daughters and their fun! PS, I still draw my dream house once in a while!