Sunday, May 2, 2010

"So, why are you here today?"

Last Thursday we had a scheduled visit with the Fabulous Dr. O. We always laugh when Tim is being checked in to see the doctor. The nurse takes his temperature and blood pressure and then I guess feels the need to quiz us, "So, why are you here today?"

Hummm, let me think about that one.....

Because we had nothing else to do with the $40 you're going to charge us for coming here?

No, that's not it....

Because it's been 3 months since we've seen Dr. O's smiling face and we missed him?

No, that's not exactly it either...

Because Tim makes the Fabulous Dr. O laugh so he asked to see him?

Well, he does make Dr. O laugh but that is not it either....

Because...umm, umm.

Okay, nurse lady, Did you lose the paperwork on what this appointment is for and that's why you're asking?

We are here because the Fabulous Dr. O wanted to see my wonderful husband every three months to be sure that he's still doing fabulously after battling a cancer dragon -- that's why we are here! :) Did she really not know that?

The Fabulous Dr. O is still fabulous. Well, Tim didn't think so when he "invited" Tim to head into the other room...the torture room. Tim so hates the torture room. But I rather like it there because it is there that Dr. O's magic camera snakes into Tim's nose and down his throat to take a peek at what's going on down there. I can still recall the day we first saw the Fabulous Dr. O for a second opinion. I remember him using his magic camera and what it looked like down there that day. I am happy to report that it is the world of difference down there today compared to what it once looked like. :)

While we were there the Fabulous Dr. O was able to look up the results of Tim's biopsy that was done when he had his esophagus stretched. Both biopsies came back NEGATIVE for malignancy -- YAY! :D

What a great day -- we got to see the Fabulous Dr. O; we got to peek down Tim's nice pink throat and had good news on the biopsies! Can't get much better than that!

Acts 26:2
"I think myself happy..."


Vest Family said...

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

Patty said...

So very happy that all looks good. A pink throat sounds perfect! My favorite color! And I enjoyed your smiling goldfish as well :)

Cheeseboy said...

Dr. O sounds like a stud. I want one of those cameras. Great news, btw.

Don and Robin Cooper said...

Great news Loretta! I love how you help us "see" and "feel" what is going on as you blog! I'm with Tim, the "snake" thing is not fun but oh so happy that all looks well! You've been blessed...and you are each other's blessing!