Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My To Do List...

In recent months my to-do list has become amazingly long. Sometimes I marvel at how one person (that would be me) can get all this stuff done. I think my lists are getting longer because the more I am called on to remember what needs to be done, the more I have to write things down....like everything. It is becoming more and more my "norm" to put it on the list or it just doesn't even have a chance of being remembered, let alone done.

Sometimes my to do list makes me laugh. For example, a snippet of my list from last week looked like this:
  • Walmart - 2 bright colored sheets for Jacob
  • Rite Aid - meds
  • Bank - get blank registers, make dep.
  • P.O. -Mail POA & get book of stamps x2
  • Make eye appt for Tim
  • Make dentist appt for Tim
  • Call RuthAnn - election day ?'s
  • Follow up on POA for Mom's pension
  • Call SS - Dad
  • Call about Dad's pension
  • Check FSA balance on line
  • Send card to Cretta
  • Jordan's box ready to mail
  • File receipts
  • Make grooming appt for Ella
  • Write up Rigor paper
  • Do PD hours paper, turn in
  • Call nursing home admin lady
  • Ask Jeff about coming for Christmas
  • Transfer $100
  • Email Glenn Beck

Email Glenn Beck??? Yeah, that went on the list last Thursday. I scribbled that down in the office of the Fabulous Dr. O.

You see, each and every appointment we have with the Fabulous Dr. O we see the same poster in every room.

In every doctor's office there are pictures and posters of the anatomy that your doctor specializes in. Orthopedics have posters of knees and hips; obstetricians have pregnancy charts..you get the picture.

The Fabulous Dr. O is an ENT -- ears, nose and throat guy. In doctor fashion he has a poster detailing sinuses, the throat, the tongue and all the other treasures found from your Adam's Apple to the top of your noggin. Each and every time we see that poster we think, "We HAVE to email Glenn Beck!"


If you know who Glenn Beck is chances are you know what he looks like. And I think you would have to admit that the poster in the office of the Fabulous Dr. O is a striking resemblance of him!

What do you think?

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Patty said...

haha that is hilarious! He looks like a younger version. But you might want to leave that part out of your email! :) PS I have to write EVERYTHING down now too! I used to keep it all in my head!!!