Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I admit it.
I take a lot of pictures.

Some are good.
Some are not so good.

Some are blurry because they were taken in haste to try to capture the moment.

Some are blurry because I am too close to see clearly.

One day I got to thinking about my blurry pictures.

It occurred to me that maybe sometimes my blurry pictures mimic my life.

Things are sometimes out of focus.

Sometimes things are done in haste and don't turn out the way I planned.

Sometimes I am just too close to be able to see clearly.

But sometimes parts of a picture are blurry while other parts are perfectly focused.

That too mimics my life.

I want to focus on the parts that are clear while accepting the blurry parts.

Because, I believe that with time, a steady heart and hand, and a watchful, focusing eye,

that the blurry parts too will find focus.

1 comment:

ionamin-W8FW8 said...

Loretta, you wax very philosophical at times, and give us all something to think about! Diane J.