Friday, May 14, 2010

The Girl's and I Are Doing Just Fine...

Deep breath....that's what I have done a number of times today. It feels good. It feels like relief. It feels peaceful.

My mind has been somewhat occupied lately. You see, a few weeks ago I went in to see the doctor. After an exam it was determined that I needed to go in for a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound. No one wants to have a mammogram done, but we especially don't want a "diagnostic" mammogram.

A routine mammo doesn't conger up anything awful -- in fact, I usually feel quite proud of myself that I am doing something that is proactive to take care of myself. But suddenly throw the word "diagnostic" in front of the word "mammogram" and there is anxiety, worries, and fear of the unknown.

I wanted to be able to do what the doctor said (not to worry), but truthfully, the last time we thought we didn't have to "worry", a cancer diagnoses hit us between the eyes. My mind ran wild (as it sometimes will). All I could think of was that I was not sure I had it in me for another round with the cancer dragon if my news wasn't good. I finally settled in and tried not to think about it, or when I did think about it I tried to think positive thoughts and just waited for the day of my appointment.

That day was today.
After my mammo and ultrasound the verdict is that the girls and I are just fine...albeit a bit lumpy and bumpy in places. But I guess that is what is now normal for me.
Isn't that the way of life....lumpy and bumpy in places?
I think this means I'm on the right path. :)


Patty said...

So glad all is well. We get lumpier and bumpier as we age, don't we?

Cheeseboy said...

Great news. I must admit I was a bit uncomfortable reading this post, but the ending was awesome.

Loretta Valenta said...

LOL! You, Cheeseboy, uncomfortable reading this post? THAT is funny! :)

Don and Robin Cooper said...

Lumpy and bumpy...describes me perfectly! No wonder I like you so much! :)