Saturday, January 30, 2010


Each winter I wait for snow. Kentucky doesn't usually see much in the way of snow but occasionally I am pleasantly surprised by Mother Nature. Like our second winter here when one storm brought us 22" of snow and closed school for a week. :) To date that is the most snow I've seen in Kentucky at any given time and that was about 13 years ago!

About 4 days ago the talk began of a winter storm coming. It's big news here when ANY snow is coming let alone something more than a dusting! That is all we heard about for days. I kid you not when I tell you that schools began closing Thursday night (in the southern counties) for Friday's anticipated snow!

It was to begin for us at about 6:30-7:00 Friday night. It didn't.

By 8:00 I thought it was a bogus forecast.

By 9:00 I was wishing that Tim and I had done what we joked about for date night -- just getting in the car and drive south to FIND the snow of which they spoke.

By 9:30 I hated all weathermen and wonder how they can even hold down a job given how often they are wrong.

By 9:45 I decided I was going to stop looking out the window.

By 10:00 I had to walk the dog and as I was headed back across the lawn what to my wondering eyes should appear???? A SNOWFLAKE! WOOO-HOOO!!!!!!!! :D

Overnight the snow fell and I woke up to 5 glorious inches of SNOW...Finally!

Happy snowflakes! ******** :)

These pictures were out our back door at 10 pm last night as the snow started...


Patty said...

Yay, Snow! Yay for you! Wish it were Monday, though ;)

the Strong's said...
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the Strong's said...

Sorry, I didn't proof read my other comment and was embarrassed by the typos, so I will try again.

We were one of those counties in the South who announced school to close on Friday at 5pm on Thursday. I too was wondering where the snow was, because it was 8pm before I saw a flake. I am with you, very glad to finally have a good amount of snow!

We just went with Paul to check on the guy who was plowing the parking lot at American Woodmark and what we saw and experienced helped me to understand why they close everything when we get snow. On hwy 90 a construction blade was plowing the road, the guy plowing the parking lot used a backhoe, and then when we tried to get up the little hill to our subdivision our van almost got stuck. (They don't bother plowing the side roads, especially gravel ones.)
Enjoy your snow Loretta!

Debbi said...

I am so happy for you Loretta. Our snow is all but gone (for now lol). But, I will put in a request that any snow we are to get is to be sent to you and your area.....I was taught to share and what better to share than the snow and the cold that comes with it ;)

Heather said...

I'm jealous -- we only got about an inch and a half of snow. I'm still hopeful that we'll get another snowfall before winter ends, but I'm not holding my breath! I'm happy for you, though!