Monday, January 25, 2010

Monkey Madness...

Sometimes I think back on funny things that have happened in our family --something someone has done or said -- and it seems that no matter how much time has passed, we laugh just as hard retelling the story as we did when it originally happened! For us the Bruster's story is one such story! Here is one more story written down for our posterity.....

We have an ice cream store in our town called Bruster's. It's a unique place in the fact that they have unusual flavors of ice cream.

They have lots of flavors! Just to name a few there is Birthday Cake, Banana Chocolate Chip, Cotton Candy Explosion (cotton candy flavor with Pop Rocks in it for the explosion!), Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, and one that Tim had called Monkey Madness. He doesn't remember exactly what's in it except that it's enough to make a monkey mad! :)

We don't go to Bruster's very often. Since opening a few years ago we have been there a grand total of two times. The ice cream is wonderful but it is expensive.

Several years ago, (on our second visit) we took my parents to Bruster's when they came to visit us from New York. We went up to the window and studied the menu to see what fun flavor we each wanted to try. With so many flavors to choose from it can be quite a process just making up your mind!

As we stood there trying to decide, we had all placed our orders...everyone but Tim. He was under pressure to make a selection from the long list of possibilities. Feeling that all eyes were on him he decided to go with the familiar flavor he had before, Monkey Madness.

Well, Tim didn't see Monkey Madness on the menu, he was just remembering what he'd had the last time and he knew it was "monkey something". Looking around he said to the girl at the window,

"I'll take...ummm.... Monkey Brains."

With a furrowed brow, a questioning look (and I am sure a stifled laugh), she asked, "Do you mean Monkey Madness?"

"Yeah that's it! I knew it was Monkey something!"


In our family we are so blessed to have someone who can take an ordinary trip to an ice cream store and turn it into a family memory that lives on!!! Thanks Tim! (I heart you!) :)


Patty said...

That made me laugh. Especially Tim being the only one to not have ordered yet, and feeling the pressure. My Tim takes the longest to order wherever we go. He feels the pressure but doesn't want to make a mistake. Who wants to spend what eating out costs and find out you didn't like what you chose?? ha ha Glad monkey brains wasn't on the menu, Tim may have been disappointed........

Heather said...

That ice cream shop sounds very similar to Cold Stone (I'm not sure if you have ever heard of it). Anyway, it's very expensive, but it's so good and they have the best ice cream flavors! (Although I'm not sure if Monkey Brains is on the menu!)

Mariah said...

HILARIOUS! That is one of my Tim's favorites as well! We usually buy a $10 coupon book that has several buy one get one free coupons in it. That is the only way we can afford to go there! The coupon is for a single, double, or triple scoop waffle cone free with the purchase of anoher one! So what would normally cost like $8 for 2 cones is only $4(which is still high) but when Tim gets a hankerin for some icecream, I am just glad to have that booklet!! haha Peighton's soccer team will be selling the booklets in about a month or so, I will be sure to hit you up with one!!