Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Farmville or Nicholasville?

I've been on Facebook for a while now. I've lived a perfectly contented life on Facebook. I have a fair amount of friends, update my status every now and then (whether people care or not) and I contribute meaningless stuff periodically... just like everyone else.

We are a Facebook family. All of us are on Facebook. Yes, even though the youngest two in the family who are not 13. (Yes, that means we fabricated their birth year).

A few months ago my girls were telling me about a Facebook game called Farmville. They showed me their "neighbor's farms" (who happened to be adults that I knew) and my comment was, "These people need to get a life!" (ever heard of "famous last words"?) I shook my head wondering what was up with people who "play" games like that. Certainly they must not have anything better to do!

Several weeks later my girls squealed and said, "Mom! President Lindmark has a farm!" President Lindmark is our stake president....what could I say? Tell our local church leader to get a life? I'm thinkin' no.... We all had a good laugh.

Several days later it was the same local church leader who sent me an invitation to Farmville! I laughed and checked it out and yes, actually started farming!

Then it was Tim's turn to look at me like I needed to get a life! But in time I successfully made a farmer out of him too! And even my friend Patty, and her husband Tim are farming now. I guess I can be very persuasive...or at least Farmville can! :)

So I am a farmer now. I have been accused by some (Patty!) of neglecting my blog to do farming. She even challenged me to stop farming for a week and blog every day instead. I told her I wasn't sure I could do that because what would I blog about? Farmville? :)

Well, here is proof that I can farm and blog too so there is no need for me to take a week off from farming!
Come to think if it, I wonder if she suggested that so that she could surpass my current level 36! Hummm.... I think she had motives behind her suggestion! I get it now....get me away from the farm and while I am blogging she farms like a mad-woman and I won't know what hit me! Nice try! :)

Well, I must be in a Farmville state of mind because in my everyday life I started seeing Farmville all around me. But I don't live in Farmville, I live in Nicholasville! I never knew how similar they were! Take a look..... (beginning with the tractor at the top of this post)

There is the barn and fencing....

There is the weathered barn....

Large wood pile and even tall grass!

So I am farming and blogging and enjoying the slower pace of life these days. Life is good when thoughts of cancer fade somewhat into the background and are not the dominating focus of each day.

Life is good when I can be a virtual farmer, an occassional blogger and a full time snow lover.


Patty said...

Ha ha ha! I am laughing very hard in case you can't HEAR me! I laughed at the very idea that you thought I would surpass your level in FV! I mean, really! Seriously, though, I have found the same dilemma as you, "the seeing FV everywhere I go" syndrome. I mainly have noticed it with the fruit trees around here that need to be harvested! I asked Tim if he sees pink trianges above the farm animals we pass on the road. Oh no, we need to get a life!
My niece said that FV and some of the other games were put there to patronize the "older generation" of facebookers who really don't know how to facebook properly........hmm, I feel a blog post coming on.........

GRAMEE said...

you were the first person to give me tall grass and a large pile of wood..
i find farmville in my every day life also.. although i haven't taken pictures.. i point out the fields of lettuce growing how the green field my farm as the crops are just being to grow..

oh we need a life.. right.!

and Patty, I am not going to blog about it..


maybe we should be neighbors..

Vest Family said...

Thanks for the hard laugh!

Mariah said...

I have yet to succumb to any of the FB games. Farmville, Mafia Wars, etc., but I have to admit that after reading this post and laughing out loud, I may have to look into what I may be missing!!

Kauti Nicholls said...

ok, this is the funniest thing i've read all day!!! oh my. people always invite me to farmville to, and i pretty much think the same thing you've already stated. this must be an extremely addicting game! i probably will never try it for the sake of not neglecting my little babies...lol. i already got addicted to plants vs. zombies--oh and peggle. i love how you are seeing life through "farmville" eyes now--HILARIOUS!!! xoxo