Thursday, October 29, 2009

My "Just Because" Box...

A few weeks ago a package came by FedEx. I knew the package was coming but I didn't know what was in it. Tim knew. My brother, Bill, knew and my sister-in-law, Debbi, knew but I didn't.

I told Bill that there better not be air holes in the box or I was going to kick it across the lawn! I didn't see any air holes so I didn't kick the box.

On the front of the box below my address were the words, "Just Because". I opened the box to find a camera that Bill and Debbi had sent to me!

If you follow my antics you may recall that a few months ago I tossed a beach ball out of our living room and mistakenly tossed my camera with it. I felt lost without my camera over the next several weeks while it went into the camera hospital for repairs. I resorted to my original digital camera that was HUGE by today's standards but it was still my friend as it allowed me to continue taking the pictures of things that I so love to capture with a click of the shutter.

Well, eventually my camera came home again and although I was thrilled to have it back, it didn't take pictures quite like it did before. Things were just not quite right. Up close pictures were not totally focused, colors were not as vivid as they were before the awful crash and most times the pictures would take on a funky grainy look. My trusty third eye was having vision troubles!

Then Bill and Debbi entered the picture. (pun intended!) :) Bill has this awesome camera -- so awesome I was in danger of breaking the "thou shalt not covet" commandment! In fact, it was Bill's camera that inspired us to buy the camera that I unintentionally tossed along with the beach ball, last December. It was a a great camera...until that fateful day.

So Bill and I talked cameras a few times and he knew the story of my now injured camera. The next thing I know....

A few weeks ago a package came by FedEx. I knew the package was coming but I didn't know what was in it. Tim knew. Bill knew and Debbi knew, but I didn't...until the "just because" box came.

Thank you so much Bill and Debbi! I love having a camera that works again, that takes great pictures and can accompany me wherever I go. Thanks to you I have a terrific third eye again -- my vision has been restored!

*Throughout this post I have used pictures that I have taken with the camera that Bill and Debbi sent to me!!!!


Debbi said...

You are sooooo very welcome Loretta. We are so glad that you are enjoying your new "third eye". From the looks of the pictures on the blog the camera is doing a wonderful job. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come. Keep on "clicking".

Cretta said...

I am sitting here at 5:30 AM with a pumpkin costume on, all stuffed with news paper, I have on my "elf" shoes and purple & black striped knee highs, and kind of a hat made from little girls faire skirts.
I wish you were here with your camera.
GOOD JOB !!! Bill and Debbie!

Patty said...

Finally! We get to hear what was in the box from several weeks ago, when the post partially appeared and I was waiting...........Great friends!

Loretta Valenta said...

LOL! Yes, that partial post...ugh! I hoped not too many people saw that! :) You weren't supposed to mention that! LOL!

Don and Robin Cooper said...

That is just too sweet! But then are you! Your whole family must be awesome!