Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Happenings...

Halloween this year was a two day affair for us. It began with Trunk or Treat and a chili dinner at church on Friday night and then actual Halloween tonight. The kids had two times to dress up so two times the fun!

We began tonight with a beautiful Halloween sky...

Annah was a cat both nights but with different eye lashes each night.

Abigail was a devil on Friday night and Dorothy
from the Wizard of Oz tonight. Of course, Ella, was Toto! The girls said that people gave them extra candy because Ella was so cute! Have to remember that Halloween tip for next year! :)

Jacob went to the Trunk or Treat as the new Windows 7 by Microsoft....quite clever he was!!!! He thought up the idea and painted the box!

While Abigail and Annah went Trick or treating Tim and I sat on our spooky porch and gave out candy.
Later Tim and I were gone to get gas in the van for tomorrow when Trent and Shannon stopped by and did reverse Trick or Treating and gave us candy! The girls were anxious to tell us that they had come by -- what a fun idea! Thank you so much!! :)

And we ended the night with a wonderful Halloween moon.....


John and Erin said...

I love Jacobs costume! I bet Tim was proud!

Lisa said...

Ella gets the top prize for sitting in the basket! I can't imagine either of our dogs back home sitting in there for long.