Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Elder Valenta writes....

Yesterday afternoon the mail brought us a surprise... our first letter from Jordan.

I was thrilled to see the return address heading: "Elder Jordan Valenta". I love the sound of that title he will carry with him for the duration of his mission.

Excerpts from Jordan first letter:

I arrived here at the MTC safely and without any trouble. I actually met one elder from my district in Dallas and so that was pretty fun. My companion is Elder McGuire, he's from Bountiful, Utah and played some football at his high school. We get along great so far and he rolled his ankle this morning so we even get to ride the elevators.

The missionaries headed to Brazil are pretty overwhelming here. There are 15 in my district (12 elders and 3 sisters) but there are 98 in our zone waiting for visas. I don't know how long it'll take to get mine but they tell us to expect to see the MTC in Sao Paulo.

Well it's only been a day and a half so I'll write again next week with hopefully a few more stories and words in Portuguese.


The rest of the letter was about the international yellow fever immunization card that he needed. They won't let him into Brazil without it! I didn't realize he need that but was happy that I kept it! Don't even want to think about what the situation would be if I hadn't kept it! YIKES! I sent out a box of Halloween goodies to him and I had gotten his letter in time to be able to include the yellow fever card he needed so the timing was good. :)

A mom's hearts always rest a bit easier (just a bit!) once the first letter from the MTC comes. So it is that mine is resting a bit easier today.
P.S. I love this picture of him playing around the night of his setting apart!


Patty said...

Yes that first letter most definitely puts a mom's heart at ease. Glad you heard from him! Glad all is well! AND glad he will see the CTM in Brazil!

John and Erin said...

How lucky is he to get the gimp companion!? Woo hoo for riding the elevators! I'm sure all the others are jealous!