Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday Annah!

Today is Annah's 10th birthday! And I have to say that it is absolutely hard for me to believe! My "baby" can't possibly be 10!!!

She has to wait for her birthday party till next week because between Jordan leaving and Halloween (the nerve of Halloween!) the weekends were taken. But next weekend we will have a party to celebrate another year that she is loved!

Today I sent in homemade cupcakes for her class. The homemade part was important to her as she says that everyone in her class always brings in store bought and she doesn't like them and they cost too much! That's my frugal girl!!! :)

She's getting her birthday gifts a bit at a time -- today she got a cute black and white striped kitty figurine that she wanted for her bedroom and a new fun trash can for her room. She also wanted a new scripture bag to carry her scriptures (because the handles on her old one broke). I had to order that and it hasn't come yet. And last but not least, she wanted paint for her bedroom!

Abigail and Annah have always shared a room and for the first time they get to have their own room since Jordan left. Annah wants her room painted pink with large brown polka dots. She requested that she get her paint at her birthday party although I have no idea why so, next week she will get her paint! :)



Debbi said...

Happy Birthday Annah!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your day. Your paint colors sound cool.

Loretta Valenta said...
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Loretta Valenta said...

Happy Birthday you little "ten"ager!!