Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jordan....

Today is Jordan's 19th birthday!
It is so hard to believe that he is that grown! For his birthday we all went to see Night at the Museum Battle at the Smithsonian. We got up to about the last 15 minutes of the movie and the sound went out! We sat for a few minutes being entertained by making up what we thought they were saying in the movie but then they turned it off and gave us a ticket that we could come back and see another movie another time so we are guessing it had a happy ending. :)

I did get to laughing at Jordan's luck. Seems like he's had just a lot of weird stuff happen to him lately.
  • He had a positive TB test (He was rechecked by the health department and it turned out it was negative.)
  • Once he tested negative for TB he could then go to get the shots he needed to get ready for his mission -- tetanus, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. The nurse gave him tetanus and Hep B only to have the doctor come in an announce that he didn't need to have Hep B after all so he got the extra shot for nothing!
  • Then he applied at a temp agency to work for a short time until he will leave for his mission. They ran his social security number and told him it showed that it is also registered to a women in Missouri! We had to go to the social security office to get a paper from them showing that he is the only one that they show that has that number. The mistake is in the data base that the temp agency uses and now his paper work has been held up for a few weeks.
  • And then the movie losing the sound today on his birthday!

We love him in spite of his bad luck! :) Happy Birthday, Jordan!


Coopers said...

Turning 19 is exciting for Jordan and his parents! He is a handsome young man! Hope he had a great birthday!

the Strong's said...

Tell Jordan sorry to hear about the "bad luck". The time while filing out mission papers and waiting to enter the MTC can be the filled with tone lof little obstacles. Hopefully there won't be any more.

JackieToo said...

Hmmm... Considering that the Lord works in mysterious ways, maybe Jordan will be glad that he got that Hep B shot after all.

I'm behind the times (like this is news :Þ). Does he know where he's going yet?

shayster said...

Can I pray him to the Omaha mission????

Loretta Valenta said...

YEs you can, Shay! I know that he would be loved and well taken care of! :) If only every missionary mom had someone as wonderful as you watching out for their sons and daughters!!!!!