Monday, May 4, 2009

Derby Day....

We had a couple of excited girls on Derby Day. Before we moved to Kentucky we couldn't have even told you when the Kentucky Derby took place. But now Derby Day is forever etched in our minds
-- always the first Saturday in May. :)

In honor of Derby Day Annah's class made Derby hats!

Annah and Abigail pulled out their "vintage horses" (a.k.a. old horses they've had for years!) for a prime seat to watch the derby! :) Then they took a 20 minute video of the horse race from the TV (with commentary!), plus a bunch of other shorter video clips. They made so many videos that they maxed out my mega memory card on my camera! It sure was cute though! :)

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Debbi said...

Aweee the girls look so cute. They are very creative. Are they going to "air" their documentary? heeheehee