Friday, April 10, 2009

The Rules of Life...

This is a dry erase board that I found in the "playroom" where Abigail and Annah like to hang out. When asked what these "rules" were for neither of them remembered.

*I* think they are the rules of life..... :)

1. Can't marry unless 20+

2. Can't use magic to go back in time or to the future

3. Only wizards can use magic

4. Can't have babies unless 20+

5. Don't jump out windows

6. No ditching classes

7. Cannot date unless 16+

8. .... (blank) I guess you can fill in the blank! :)


Marissa said...

That is TOO funny!!! Hey- did the cobbler work out ok??

Natalie.Rob.Branson said...

Sounds like they've got it all figured out :) We miss seeing you guys each Sunday...

MBK said...

Good Mom and Dad teaching important lessons. Yahoo!

Patty said...

Oh how I miss those sweet innocent days of our childrens' childhoods!!!!!