Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Night At the Museum...

This is my lovely new alabaster cat made in Egypt. Yup, I bought it at the art museum the night we we went to see the Excavating Egypt exhibit.

I didn't plan to buy the cat but you know the rule that says 'you break it, you buy it'? The cat is now mine.

All I did to own the cat was to pick it up, admire it, look at the price tag, read the "made in Egypt" sticker on the bottom and said, "I like that cat".....then I promptly dropped it as I tried to place it back on its block pedestal (that was hidden under dark fabric for an elegant display)! So much for elegance...the "block pedestal" was really nothing more that an empty gift box under cloth and not even weighted down! So when I set the cat down on the box, it slid causing the unfortunate demise of the cat's ear!

All the kids thought it was so funny that MOM broke something when I had been periodically telling them to be careful not to break anything!! BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I took the cat to the checkout and told them that I would purchase the cat since I broke it and they thanked me for being honest about it. Did I even have a choice??? After the big "CLUNK" that cat made when it fell on the counter there was NO WAY I could deny it. I was sure that everyone there not only HEARD it but then they all turned to see WHO broke it and I swear they stared for an inordinate amount on time...or so it felt.

So we laughed all the way to the van where Tim was waiting for us (while having an after dinner snack of Ensure). We all piled in and told the tale of the Egyptian cat that we now claim as ours. I showed him the cat's ear and the missing piece that I was carrying in my pocket so as to not lose it between ancient Egypt and home. We agreed that we could glue the cat's ear back in place and because it was a clean break, no one would ever know. Tim then added, "It will match everything else we have!" BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! He speaks the truth. I've lost count of the things that have been pieced back together and glued in our home. I am sure it's the natural progression of life -- marriage, kids, super glue -- in that order...till death do us part (the super glue anyway!)

Fast forward a few days...to this morning, in fact. Jacob, in a hurry to leave for seminary, had his headphones in and his iPod in hand when he whirled past a table in the entryway with breakable things on it. The cord from his headphones caught a plant, that caught a picture frame, that caught a candy dish, that caught two ceramic Easter eggs, that caught a small ceramic rooster -- a lovely ceramic rooster, I might add. That small ceramic rooster hit into a chunkier rooster who stood firm so that none of the items tumbled to the floor. That was the good news.

Jacob was quick to assure me that "Nothing broke!"...too quick I thought. When he went out the door I went to straighten the table from the quake it had just experienced and there it was....my small ceramic rooster had it's crown snapped off.
I didn't even have time to be mad before Tim's words echoed in my head, "It will match everything else we have!"


Patty said...

ha ha ha, I am glad you have an ordinary house.......sounds just like mine. Oh, and the Egyptian cat is the best!! :)

Cretta said...

As you say, bawha, ha ha!!!
In the metal cabnet in the garage is some quick set JB Wield. It will work very well on the rooster.

DeNae said...

I have a kid who drops every third thing she touches. I can't tell you how much of my home is decorated in the theme of "You dropped it, you bought it."

And thank you for linking to my blog, you kind lady!

amaree said...

LOL... ah.... the things I have to look forward to! I just pray that the broken things happen ONLY at the dollar store! (I'm dreaming, I KNOW) ::sigh:: I guess having a good sense of humor is what I need, right? Love ya! :)

Debbi said...

The new addition to your family looks beautiful, at that angle........lol. Seems like it will fit right in with your roosters "new look".
You have such a way with words. I enjoy reading your blogs. Thank you for sharing your insights with us. Keep 'em coming.

Mariah said...

Absolutely hilariuos! Hopefully the price tag wasn't a whole lot but the memory you and your family will have of this is priceless!!

Anonymous said...
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