Monday, October 26, 2015

August in October

August....I love his name and I love him. 

We were so very blessed to be able to make a trip to Arizona while on fall break from school. The plan was that we would drive straight through to be able to make it in time for baby August to be blessed in church at 9 am on Sunday morning. We left Kentucky at 5:30 Friday evening and we made it with little time to spare! It was a fabulous day. In the circle surrounding this precious baby for his blessing was his father, Tim, his grandfather, Tim, his great uncle, Jeff, and the bishop of Tim and Lisa's ward, Bishop Woods.

After August was blessed I got to hold him and he slept through the entire sacrament meeting. The necklace that a wear *everyday* was draped on his arm. While we don't typically take pictures in church, I asked Annah to take a picture of August sleeping. My heart was so full to hold this sweet baby so close for so long. I think it was a tender mercy given to me since our time with him was so short.

Tim and Lisa with August
August wore the same outfit that his father was blessed in. :)

Jeff, Tim, August, Tim and Annah

Lisa's parents, Ted and Kathy (Nana & Gramps) Brook

We first met August when he was just 3 weeks old. 
It was amazing to us to see him respond to being outside like nothing I had ever seen before. He could be fussy and squirmy and if you walk outside with him he settled down immediately! I would find it hard to believe if I hadn't seen it happen time and time again while we were there!
He got his mom's love of the outdoors and Valenta genes with his long arms, long legs and long fingers! 

Grandma and Grandpa Valenta

Auntie Annah holding August. I love that he is sucking his thumb..Sweetness!

I love the look on Annah's face!

Great Uncle Jeff holding August

Nana Brook
 August hanging out with his dad

August's first hike

Love this picture with his hands under his chin!

On August's first visit to his great Uncle Jeff's house this happened :)

    Baby feet.....

    One of my favorite pictures...

It was incredibly hard to leave Tim and Lisa and August. I so wished that we lived closer and knew when we were going to see them again. A whole new world is opening to them as parents and we are so far away to see it or be apart of it.We are going to have to figure out how to do that whole "long distance grandparenting" thing quickly!

I miss this little guy every day...


Montereymom said...

There is something so special about the first "grand", however even the 11th one was special in our lives, but the first holds a huge place in our hearts always. You all look so happy and it was wonderful that you could make that trip at all cost and be there for such a special day.

Dotti said...

What a great legacy you have created, I'm sure you will figure out the long distance Grand-Parenting. Hugs & love to you all.

Ida said...

What a blessing it is to be a grandparent. Seeing our children in their childs eyes is an amazing experience. You can enjoy them growing with Skype and face time until you can get back to Arizona. The hugs and snuggles are the best ever. So glad you get to experience this. Enjoy every minutes as it goes by so fast and Congratulations grandma from another grandma. :) :)

Debbi Rogers said...

We are so happy for the entire Valenta/Brook family. I totally understand the long distance grand parenting thing. If and when you get it figured out please let me know. Love to all of you.