Sunday, October 4, 2015

August in September

August arrived in September this year. 
Our first grandchild born to our oldest son, Tim and his wife, Lisa.

Lisa on September 1st waiting for August! 

August Samuel arrived on Saturday, September 19th (11 days early!) weighing 7 lbs. 5 oz. and 20 3/4" long. 
This is one of my favorite pictures. 
Look at him look at his mom! 

Just chillin' in his crib!

Such sweetness!

Another favorite picture -- sucking his thumb!

All that hair!

Mom and Baby... :)

His sweet footprints

In 5 days we will be heading to Arizona to see sweet August and his mom and dad. We can hardly wait to hold that sweet baby and snuggle him close.  In the meantime we have had to just stare at the pictures from his photo shoot when we was one week old...

Oh, that sweet smile!


Jeanne said...

So sweet! Safe travels...

Military Writer said...

Just precious:-) so happy for you all!

Dotti said...

And your legacy goes on, congrats to all!

Patty said...

There is no joy quite like that of a grand child. 😊

Tracy said...

He is precious!