Sunday, November 1, 2015

Annah Is Sweet 16!

Say it isn't so.....Annah just turned 16!  
I don't know how it happened but in what seemed like overnight Annah has grown up into a lovely young woman. Oh how I wish people who told me how quickly kids grow up didn't turn out to be right.

Annah hasn't officially had a celebration for her birthday yet but that is coming this weekend. She wants to go ice skating with some friends so that is the plan for Saturday. In the meantime I had fun reminiscing about Annah growing up over the past 16 years.  

Here she is.....  

Annah 6 months old, Abigail 2 1/2 years

She ate blueberry yogurt...sort of.

This is the way we empty the dishwasher...

As Jordan says, "We didn't chose the thug life. The thug life chose us"! Hahaha


This picture speaks volumes of the closeness of these girls that still exists today.

Pony ride....

Real Easter bunnies!

Annah and her dad

Drama Queen :)

Lovely Annah

Love this picture...hahaha

Hahaha...Annah's going to kill me!

Annah with her brother, Tim, on our recent trip to Arizona.

Holding sweet baby August
(This has got to be my most favorite picture of August and his Auntie Annah!)

On Friday Annah went to get her permit. 
Here she is waiting for the place to open....


And pass!

It has been a lot of years from here.... here
But look out world, here she comes!

And many more. :)

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Montereymom said...

What an album you keep....that is definately, "This is your life' for Annah.
Great picture how she has grown up.....and what a cutie she
was at every stage.