Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another School Year Begins

I adore summer. I don't adore the weather (heat and I have a very rocky relationship) but do adore summer for other reasons. 

I love the freedom from school schedules which must dictate bedtimes and wake up times. I love doing whatever I want on any given day that falls between the first of June and the middle of August. Well, okay, maybe I can't do whatever I want -- like I REALLY want to travel to Maine and stay in a house on the beach listening to ocean sounds without a care in the world. So yeah, that probably isn't going to happen. But, in my own little world of my family, summer brings the freedom from schedules and deadlines, projects and homework.  Being a mom of 6 kids I have been saddled with schedules and deadlines and projects and been the taskmaster over homework for a lot of years! We still have two at home so, yeah, I have a few more years to go but it is the summer in between each school year that makes it bearable. I do adore summer. 

Tomorrow school begins again. The anticipation has officially been ramped up with a Seminary meeting (Abigail) after church Sunday to discuss the new schedule (starting at 7:10 a.m. this year instead of the 6:20! Can I get a big WOO HOO and a high five?)  The newly called seminary teacher will be awesome...makes *me* want to go to Seminary!  Then there was an orientation at the Jessamine Career and Technology Center (JCTC) for Annah where she, as an 8th grader, is taking a dual credit course of Geometry and Engineering. She is able to earn a high school credit while still in middle school because she's smart like that. :)  And we jump start the school year with Abigail's first home volleyball game tonight!  WOOT WOOT!  

                         Annah going into 8th grade                 Abigail going into 11th grade

Here we go..... another school year begins! 

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