Saturday, November 7, 2009

Linger a Little...

Last weekend we got to turn our clocks back an hour... one more reason that I love autumn. An added hour of sleep along with the beautiful colors, the cooling temperatures, slow motion bumble bees, the grass not needing a weekly trim.

It makes me breath in deep and sigh -- a good sigh, a relaxing "this is what I love" sigh.

I love that it gets dark earlier now. I feel more relaxed in the evenings as it feels like the day is extended and I am home with my family, in my cozy socks and warmed corn bags. It feels so relaxing, so comfortable.

In the summer time gets away from me. The bright skies trick my sense of time and almost every day I miscalculate the hours and am surprised that it is as late as it is. But in the fall and winter time seems to linger in the darkness.
And that is what I love.
Lingering time is such a gift.


Debbi said...

Now I am the opposite, I do not understand why we turn back the clocks. I is dark when I leave for work and it is almost dark when I come home from dark. That does not leave much daylight for anything. My "old" body tells me when it is dark it is time for bed, and I do not like going to bed at 5pm lol. It makes no sense, we even use more electricity during this time of year because it gets dark so early. Why mess with the time?

Don and Robin Cooper said...

I love how you look at life so positively! We should embrace Fall...the colors, the temperatures, the holidays...and enjoy the "light" as often as we can!