Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer of Long Time Friends

What a fabulous summer it has been! We have had visits from many long time friends and it has filled our minds with the sweetest memories of wonderful, lasting friendships!

Then in July Tim and Miriama Patrick came to visit.
As near as we can figure it's been 28 or 29 years since we have seen them! They were visiting Kirtland, Ohio and then continued driving another 6 1/2 hours or so to see us. I knew Tim before either if us was married and Tim even came to Washington D.C. for our wedding! We were thrilled to see them and catch up on the passage of so many years! We even got to see a few things around the area when the weather permitted! (What a rainy summer we have had in Kentucky!)

 Tim and Miriama at Waveland

High Bridge

Miriama at the castle in Versailles

 Tim is a wonderful guitar and piano player! I remember him impressing everyone with his skills back in the day and he got to do it again on this visit! 

 An early morning selfie (about 6:30 am!)  

The weekend after Tim and Miriama visited we got a call from Cathy and Keith Wilson. They had been in Nauvoo for a wedding and were traveling back home to North Carolina and we were able to put them up for the night. I have known Cathy since I was 16! The last time we saw each other was 5 or 6 years ago but the last time I saw her husband, Keith and her daughter, Ashlee was about 15 years ago! Even though the visit was short it was awesome sitting up till 3:30 in the morning catching up!  They had to leave early the next morning but we were so glad they made us one of their stops on the way home!

Cathy and I

Cathy slouching down to *my* height! :)

Keith, Cathy and Ashlee (their son Michael is on a mission in Brazil and due home in about 6 weeks!) 

What a fabulous summer of seeing long time friends! The years pass but time does not dim the love and friendship! We love you all!

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