Monday, February 23, 2015

Snow Happens -- Finally!

Winter finally made it's way to the Bluegrass State last Monday. All I can say is it's about time!!!!  It's been a long wait into the winter of 2015 for us to finally get some snow -- real snow -- as in "have to shovel it" snow! Usually we get a few inches and it melts off without even breaking out the gloves or shovel but not this time!

I first saw the weather alert come through to my phone at 5:30 Sunday morning, February 15th. After that I was so excited about the pending snow that I couldn't sleep! It was to start in the wee hours of Monday morning. We decided to make a midnight run to the store to get some dog food. We didn't need bread or milk but we went to look at the shelves and this is what we found... 

Bread shelves empty....

Even the hot dog and hamburger buns were gone....

And the milk was all gone...

With dog food in hand we headed back home to wait for the promised snow and already knowing there would be no school on Monday morning! I found it hard to go to sleep Sunday night waiting for the snow! I know, I am like a kid who can't wait for Christmas morning!

The snow began at 3 a.m. We had put out our snowman that my sister-in-law, Debbi, made for us several years ago. He's good for measuring only 6" of snow but with predicted amounts of 12-18" he was going to be overwhelmed quickly! 

Hoping we were going to need more than a 6" measure I put out a ruler! This was the last picture of it before Andrew, who was shoveling snow, accidentally threw snow on it! :(   

With school out on Monday the girls suited up and headed out to play in the snow. It was the first time all winter that the totes of winter clothing were opened!

Annah buried Abigail in the snow! (I was surprised to see how much Abigail looks like me in this picture!!)

While the girls played Tim shoveled out his truck...again. 

 And Andrew shoveled out his car

and then got stuck in the street

A snow plow came in the subdivision early Monday 
morning but only did the main street. Late afternoon this backhoe 
was brought in to plow the intersection only, no side streets. 
Guess you gotta use what you have!

I am in my glory with all the snow! School has been cancelled for 6 days so far. 

The girls have had fun playing in the snow and taking pictures...

With 13" of snow on the ground Mother Nature kindly gave us 4" more a few days later. The patio chairs have never seen so much snow! 

After the snow I got a text from my friend Amy. Amy hates snow. She sent this picture with five words for me....

"I hope you're happy now." :(

I love, love, love winter!


Dotti said...

I am so glad you got your biggest winter wish "SNOW" and lots of it!

ionamin-W8FW8 said...

I love snow and winter, too! Even my mother, at age 86, still gets excited about a good snow fall. In my case, it must be those Minnesota genes! Spring is coming, and I am NOT a spring person...lawnmowing, UGH!