Thursday, February 26, 2015

No more excuses!

Yesterday we reached a wonderful milestone in the Valenta family. 
Annah has the privilege of turning in the last orthodontist school excuse for our family EVER!
(Cue the party horns, cheers, claps and screams!!!!)

The Valenta kids have had YEARS of orthodontist visits. 19 years to be exact! Five out of six kids have spent time in spacers, expanders, rubber bands, braces, and retainers. One even spent a long time in a herbst device which can only be described as miniature hydraulic door closers you'd find on a 
storm door... but in your mouth. :P  

Yeah, I know....the kids are heroes for making it through and we are heroes for surviving the continual 6-8 week orthodontist visits 
(and not to mention the cost!) all these years!

A few family stats....
*First one in braces....Andrew
*Shortest time spent at the ortho....Jordan
*Longest one in braces....Jacob
*Most lost retainers...Abigail
*Last one in braces....Annah
*One who never needed braces....Young Tim :)
(Oh why couldn't they all have followed in the footsteps of their oldest brother?)

And why didn't one of our kids think of this? :P


Tim Valenta said...

Although there was that one time I, Mr. Young Tim, had surgery to have my upper gum line packed with sand because of a missing area of bone (or something). It was weeks of random sand in my mouth while eating :)

Patty said...

Loved the cartoon. Loved it but was grossed out at the same time! Ahh the celebrations of ortho and wisdom teeth extractions complete. Expenses that will never be ours again! Yay