Tuesday, August 5, 2014

17 years in the making

It was 17 years ago today that our first baby girl entered the world. She came bounding in at 11 lbs. 11 oz., a bundle of joy that I could scarcely believe I was capable of delivering but we both lived to tell about it. :)

Abigail's first public appearance at her dad's work... :)

Her first introduction to her brothers

Her beautiful smile stealing hearts from the beginning...

She had artistic abilities were apparent at an early age!

Dancing with her Dad (14 months old) -- she cleans up nicely!

Stealing her daddy's heart wearing his sailor hat!

Always the fashionista!

More evidence of that artistic ability! 
(My all time favorite picture she drew in kindergarten!)

Our little girl has turned into a beautiful young woman who is getting ready to take on the world!

Happy Birthday, Abigail. We love you!

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Dotti said...

Love your blogs! What a great process of life you have posted here for her. She slimmed down good, lol.