Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Looking Through Windows

Ahh, spring. Throw open the windows and welcome the breezes that make the curtains float! It's that time of year where I feel like I need to "spring clean" to freshen up things that have been neglected a little too long. :) 

I've been trying to figure out where to begin with the cleaning I wanted to get done. I can kind of overwhelm myself thinking about all I want to get done but I had to begin somewhere.

Today I decided to begin with the living room windows. I don't usually begin with windows but it's always good to shake things up, right? Annah helped me get the curtains down to get them washed and then I began cleaning the blinds. First I dusted them and then I washed each slat, one by one. I was a little astonished at how dirty my water began to get as I cleaned! As I continued slat by slat I was glancing out the window and I began to notice how dirty my windows were and I wonder how I didn't notice that much sooner. I actually felt a little embarrassed that they had gotten as dirty as they were! As I thought about that I was reminded of this 2 minute video that I saw a while back called, "Looking Through Windows". 

While I continued to clean I began to think about that video and the fact that in the past two months I have received 2 letters from two people that I have known for a long time. Without the details, both of these people had not treated me very well in two separate incidences and both of them had done a lot of soul searching and felt the need to apologize to me and ask for my forgiveness. One incident happened about 6 months ago and the other happened 5 years ago. 

What a wonderful example this is to me of being able to be humble and ask forgiveness when we realize our behavior has not been very Christlike. I am grateful for the example of these two good women who have reached out seeking forgiveness that I was more than happy to give. 

Yeah, all that from my dirty living room windows. I think I should begin with my windows more often. :)

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Montereymom said...

Lovely observation, great message there for all of us, thanks for sharing.
As I prepare to speak in church on Mothers Day, I was asked on Thurs night I have had a few minutes to think and ponder. My topic is not mothers, its blessings from family history....they were desperate and I am glad they chose me, hope I do well.