Friday, May 2, 2014

Destination: Florida

I can't believe it is May already! It seems impossible to think that it was a month ago already that our good friends Sam and Amy invited us to go with them to Pensacola Beach, Florida. What a wonderful time we had spending 9 days just bumming around and relaxing!

First-timers on the beach! :)

This was first time that Abigail and Annah had ever been to a beach. It has been along standing complaint (and joke) of Abigail's that she is 16 and she hadn't even been to a beach or seen the ocean. She's been known to tell perfect strangers that she's never been to a beach. :) If she wants to get technical she can say she *still* hasn't seen an ocean since we were on the Gulf of Mexico side of Florida! :) But later this summer she will be seeing the Pacific Ocean so she will have to wait just a little longer! 

Florida, where the sand is as white as Abigail's skin!


The view from the beach house -- gorgeous! 

Walkway to the beach 

Love this shot of the colorful stools on the pier.

Abigail found a star fish in the water! Just walking along and she saw something in the water, reached in and plucked it out! 
*No starfish were harmed while being photographed. 
She put it back in the water after the picture.

Abigail and Annah at Fort Pickens 

Annah, Abigail, Elizabeth...these girls share a sweet friendship -- love them!

View of the pier 

Beach time.....  I love this guy!

Tim and Sam

Found a mermaid on the beach!

Loved this picture of Annah...until we realized she only had one leg. 
Hahahaha! :)

One night we went crabbing...catching crabs on the beach with nets and pails and then letting them go. There was some serious screaming going on during the catch and the release and I'm not saying by who! 
*One crab *was* harmed during this outing when he lost a leg. 
I won't name who was so brutal with the net!

Tim knows how to dress for the beach -- seriously!

Soothing my cream on the Boardwalk :)

Tim didn't get a bad burn but he got ice cream too.  

It was a lovely time spent with wonderful friends, warm sun and sand, refreshing breezes, and beautiful views! 

Yes, let's!

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