Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Winter, cover your ears!

Here it is March in Kentucky and winter is still hanging on for all its worth. The kids have been out of school for about 17 days so far this winter.(Don't quote me on that number because seriously, I have lost track but it's something close to that!) This winter we have seen double our usual snow and frigid temperatures that qualified us to be card carrying members of the Polar Vortex Club. 

You won't hear me utter complaints though because winter and I get along just fine! While we do get along just fine, I can think of just two things that I don't like about winter. 

Winter, cover your ears so you don't hear the blasphemy I am about to speak!

The two things that I don't like about winter is 1)because of drier air, my hair has major static (boo-hiss) and 2)my skin is much drier and can be itchy. There I said it.... 

But that is all... The rest -- the cold, the snow, the ice, snowmen, fuzzy socks, corn bags, sweaters, snowflakes on the window (paper or real!), the snow days, the anticipation of what a storm will bring -- I love it all!  

So even though I love those things, it IS March! I think I need to take down my paper snowflakes that have adorned our window since early December. It has been my experience that when I decide to take down the paper snowflakes, that is when winter loosens it's grip and bids farewell. So I just want you to know that I am doing this for all the snow haters out there!! 
 Farewell, winter. Till we meet again next year....

"The cold never bothered me anyway!"

(a quote from my favorite movie, Frozen)

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