Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Long Winter

Spring officially started 4 days ago. I am not quite sure if anyone has told Mother Nature that yet but we are expecting her to show up soon! Perhaps she will get the memo that there are lot of unhappy people right now. Of course, that didn't seem to bother her when people across the country were murmuring about Old Man Winter! 

As much as I love winter I will admit that I am looking forward to our front yard sporting vibrant green rather than drab brown. I am eager to see the transformation of trees as they get a new wardrobe for spring. And, of course, there is always the breathtaking blooms that burst open in the warmth of the season. 

Spring is an awesome testament of renewal and regeneration! It is a reminder that no matter how long the winter lingers, there is always an awakening. So while we seem to be having a sleepy awakening, it won't be long till spring is wide awake. 

Bring on the springtime!

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