Saturday, October 8, 2011

What Snake?

This afternoon I was in the kitchen getting a drink of water when Tim came in through the garage door and said, "What should we do with this snake?"  I flatly said, "What snake?" thinking he was kidding with me.  Then his reply came, "The snake on the kitchen floor!"  UGH! 

Sure enough there WAS a snake on the kitchen floor!  The cat was sitting near it so our first thought was the cat caught it and brought it in through the cat door.  Yeah, I like that thought, except for the fact it didn't seem to be the slightest bit hurt when Tim was trying to get him out using a broom and dust pan! 

Tim got him out of the house but I can't stop thinking about the snake! 
How did the snake get in? 
How long was it been inside? 
And, more importantly, are there more?
It just gives me the creeps to think about it! 


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Montereymom said...

Oh that is sure to check under the toilet lid.....I heard a story once and it has creeped me out ever since. Sorry, just had to add that.