Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday Letters...

For two years I have written Wednesday letters. I am not sure I will know what to do with myself when next Wednesday rolls around.  I have loved writing to Jordan and being able to share with him not only the events of the week but also my thoughts on his accomplishments and challenges on his mission, scriptures that I really liked or a talk I heard in church. It was exciting waiting to get a response from him each Wednesday afternoon.  Jordan never missed a week of writing.  What a gift that was to me as I would have been worried sick if he had.  I need to remember to thank him for that. 

I will miss our Wednesday letters but having him back home will be even better than Wednesday letters.  :)  
 The countdown on the white board in the kitchen!

 Jordan the night before he left for Brazil.  :)

Jordan early in the morning at the airport heading for Brazil
October 2009
This is the picture that made my father cry.
He was so proud of Jordan for serving a mission.
And so are we. 

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