Tuesday, September 27, 2011

October Comes Knocking....

I can't believe that September is almost gone and October is knocking at the door.  It's wasn't that long ago that summer was making an exit and snapping us back to the reality of early mornings and unyielding school schedules.  And now here we are a few weeks away from fall break. Incredible! 

A little about school this year....

Jacob is in his senior year. All kidding aside, how did this happen? I remember vividly his wide, blue eyes dancing with excitement to begin Kindergarten and now, with only one year left, his still wide, blue eyes are dancing with excitement as he looks to his future and the possibilities that lie ahead.
Jacob September 2011

And Abigail, the once timid, teeth clinching little girl who was afraid to start school because, as she said, "someone will get in love with me!" is now stepping undaunted into her first year of high school!  Yes, we are inching ever closer to someone getting in love with her.

And Annah, our timid as a mouse little girl, (who couldn't even say "here" when attendance was called until the end of the year in pre-school) is now in middle school and growing up before our eyes!  And no, she is no longer terribly shy, thankfully.

  Annah, Jen, Abigail and Julie
September 2011
As October comes knocking we have more than just fall break to look forward to. October also brings Jordan home from Brazil after two years on his mission!

It is a lovely time of year with both the change in weather and the change in *where* Jordan calls home. Just two more weeks to go! :)


Patty said...

Someone's going to get in love with her before you know. Prepare! And Jordan in two weeks......prepare for that one even sooner! Hee hee

Montereymom said...

As always, positive and so beautifully expressed. I have watched your family grow, heck, I watched their parent grow, now talk about a time warp, but from my vantage point you two and your family have done a fine job of growing up in this world and making some great choices and making the place a better place just cause you are here...Hugs..

Tracy said...

Really two more weeks? I wish we were still in Monticello so we could come and hear him give a report of his mission.
Hearing that you girls have overcome their shyness gives me hope. :)