Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Begin Again....

Oh, it has been a long time since I have written.  I think about it but for various reasons my fingers have not made it to the keys.  I find the longer I wait the harder it is.  The thing about not writing for a long time is that it makes me feel like I should go back and catch up on what happened in the time lapse but then it is that very feeling that makes me not want to write. It's too big of a job.  But I miss writing so I will jump back in and begin again.

I am so thrilled that cooler temperatures have finally come knocking on Kentucky's door!  Today it is a cool 57 degrees with overcast skies and pockets of rain.  The cool air is refreshing and rain is so very needed. Our grass is screaming for water as it has turned a very drab brown color. The grass matches nicely with the dying garden plants so at least the backyard is in the same color scheme.  :)  

The garden...yeah, that's a sore spot this year. I had high hopes for our garden. We had planted a few pots of tomatoes last year but it had been 2 years since we last planted an actual garden. Cancer sort of took over our lives for a while and a garden was the last thing on our minds.  But, this year I was excited to begin again.  We decided to plant green beans, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and yellow squash and even threw in a watermelon plant for fun. We dug, we planted, we watered, we watched, we waited.  We don't know what went wrong but whatever it was, it was wide spread.  In the end we got a few tomatoes and a few more peppers.  The squash plants flowered beautifully but produced not one single squash!  The green beans were bumpy and tough.  I could go on and on but I won't. 

I am still pouting about the garden.  I give it a sneer and murmur under my breath each time I am in the backyard.  Right now I am feeling like there will be no garden next year. Maybe I will change my mind come spring when I walk through the garden center and see shelves of such lovely young plants that are full of promise begging me to take them home and give them a try.  Right now I am not in the mood to be fooled again.  We will see come spring. 

Right now I am focused on fall.  No gardens to water, no weeds to pull, no scorching temperatures.  And it's always a plus when the grass is near dead so it doesn't need to be mowed.  Yeah, I am loving it. :) 


Montereymom said...

I agree on the gardening, we spent quite a bit and got squash blossoms and no zuchinni...anyone can grow that they tell me, we have apples and had to spend for a mesh net as the birds like them and this morning the birds attacked our tomatoes that have huge vines and green small tomatoes and no sign of getting red, but we live in the fog. To the produce store tomorros....far cheaper.

Don and Robin Cooper said...

Oh I've missed "talking" to you! I need to keep my blog up (per my daughter) too! I'm happy it's cooler weather and we sure need the rain! Hope your fall is wonderful! Lunch or dinner soon?