Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Surprises....

I am not sure where spring has gone but it is fleeting. 
We have had so much unruly weather that it seems like there was very
 little time to breathe in the springtime that I love so much. 
The blossoming trees and flowers took a beating from hail and strong winds leaving the once pretty petals littering the ground so the picturesque beauty of the season was short lived.  As a result, I missed getting in my springtime photo shoot with nature. 
But springtime still had some surprises.....

Surprise #1  So many brewing storms...

 Surprise #2  Our dog turned green...
With all the rain we have had our lawn is growing like CRAZY and  
the freshly cut grass turns Ella green!

Surprise #3 The Easter bunnies colored some beautiful eggs this
year with colors that we have never seen before! :) 

Also never before seen.....Peeps on a stick!:)

Surprise #4 My mother's Lily of the Valley plants(transplanted from New York to Kentucky)survived the fence changes that devastated our back yard last summer.(Compliments of the owners of the field that backs up to our backyard) I was sure they had met their demise but they came through it!   

Surprise #5  These mooing creatures just over our back fence and their babies.  :)

Surprise #6 In spite of the rough spring weather there were some
very beautiful flowers that still made an appearance...

Ahhh, the spring I know and love. :)


Patty said...

Beautiful pictures! It sounds like an exciting spring for you! Peeps on a stick! ha ha, I saw those in Wal-Mart and wondered who would buy them!!!! :)

Loretta Valenta said...

LOL! Well, now you know who would buy them! ;) We are Peep fans and they just looked fun! In fact, just tonight we made a Peep S'more with them! :)

Debbi said...

WOW that stormy sky looks terrible.
Funny you mentioned the Lily of the Valley from your Mom's yard and how they survived the trip from New York. Well, sad to say, the Lily of the Valley that Bill got from the yard did not survive. I was soooooo disappointed. A green Ella......she must have some deep rooted Irish blood in her line lol. You always take some awesome pictures. Keep them coming when you can.