Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Letters...

Over the past 17 months Wednesday's have become my favorite day of the week. It has become my favorite because it's the day that we hear from Jordan who is serving a mission far away in Brazil. 

Each Wednesday I check email frequently waiting to hear from him. And while letters are wonderful, we especially love getting pictures.  It is the pictures that give us a visual of his experiences with the people, the baptisms, the food and of course, the fabulous Brazilian sunsets.  

Today's letter was fun. In it Jordan wrote about getting a new washing machine and microwave in their apartment!  He wrote:

          "The best experience of the week was this morning when we got a brand new washing machine that actually washes clothes by itself and also a microwave!  President Parrella had said that all the missionaries would get a washing machine but he didnt say anything about the microwave. It was a blessing to get them this morning.  The only downside is that last night we got home to a dark house because they cut our power... apparently some of the energy bills hadnt been paid.  So we have brand new stuff but we have to wait until tomorrow or Friday to use them."

As far as I know Jordan has not had a washing machine that
"washes clothes by itself" during any part of his mission. 
I could feel his joy in the picture he sent.....

That is the look of love if I have ever seen it! :) 

*If you want to read some of Jordan's letters and see his pictures you can go here.


Montereymom said...

Isn't it funny how we take some of the little things for granted. Jordan is thrilled with a little tiny washing machine....something most home owners in America would not even consider having under their roof... We saw how little they get by with in Mexico and I know when Rod was in Scotland the bare necessities were all they had, and they were small compared to ours.

Luke and Kate Darby said...

That picture is so funny. I really love the look on his face.